WiTC 2018 Rounds and Standings

Rounds are available here: http://ringdevc.w14.wh-2.com/atc/StaticEvents/WiTC%202018rounds.html

Standings are available here: http://ringdevc.w14.wh-2.com/atc/StaticEvents/WiTC%202018standings.html


2018 WiTC Scenarios!

Hello! We will be playing scenarios 1, 2, 4, and 6, in no particular order, at the 2018 WiTC this weekend.

WiTC Registration!

Hello everyone! WiTC registration is open until July 13th. Please check out https://atcwmh.com/witc-information/ for information on the event. We’re very excited to see everyone at the 3rd WiTC.

WTC This Weekend!

Safe travels to all who are attending the WTC 2017 in Belgium, and good luck to all competitors in the events!   The WTC Committee has published their schedule of streams for the weekend, so tune in to watch some great Warmachine play.

WiTC 2017

Hello everyone! We’ve finalized the details for WiTC 2017 and have included them on the pages here. Please visit the information pages for more details. Get a team of 3 together and come join us August 26th for a great time figuring out who is the best team in the Wisconsin/Midwest area!