WiTC 2018 Rounds and Standings

Rounds are available here: http://ringdevc.w14.wh-2.com/atc/StaticEvents/WiTC%202018rounds.html

Standings are available here: http://ringdevc.w14.wh-2.com/atc/StaticEvents/WiTC%202018standings.html


2018 WiTC Scenarios!

Hello! We will be playing scenarios 1, 2, 4, and 6, in no particular order, at the 2018 WiTC this weekend.

WiTC Registration!

Hello everyone! WiTC registration is open until July 13th. Please check out https://atcwmh.com/witc-information/ for information on the event. We’re very excited to see everyone at the 3rd WiTC.