Guildball update

The Sunday Guildball event has been changed to a standard single-player tournament.  This should make the math easier for groups of three attending the weekend to play both days.


Guild Ball at the ATC 2018

In addition to to the Americans Team Championship and Solo Masters Warmachine events, we will hosting a pair of Guild Ball events for 2018!

On Saturday, the  Guild Ball – ATC Tournament will be held. This is a 3 person teams with registration limited to 8 teams and will be using the HMD pairing process, as follows:
  • Team will be paired off against each other randomly in the first round and use the
    “Swiss Chess” system during the 2nd and subsequent rounds.
  • A team will never be matched against the same team twice.
  • The captains from each team will work together to determine the individual pairing of the players within their teams using the following method:
    • Each team will have 3 cards to represent the three players on the team. Each team (referred to as Team A and Team B) will meet at the set of three tables (Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3).
    • Team A will chose one of their players and place the card face down on Table 1.  Team B will chose one of their players and place the card face down on Table 3.
    • Teams will exchange the remaining cards for their players.
    • The cards on Tables 1 and 3 are revealed.
    • Team A will chose one of Team B players remaining to face the team A player on Table 1 and place the card face down on table 1. Team B will chose one of Team A players to face the Team B player on Table 3 and place the card face down on table 3.
    • Remaining cards will be placed face down on table 2.
    • All remaining cards are revealed.
This event will use the Guild Ball Regional Cup rules and Errata as available December 13th
10 player rosters will be used to select each round’s team. Captain and Mascot are chosen and revealed first then the remaining players are picked using an Alternating Draft.
On Sunday, the Guild Ball Doubles Tournament will be held.  This is a 2 person teams event limited to 16 teams, with Standard Swiss pairings.
This event will use the Guild Ball Mob Rules and Errata as available December 13th
Both events are covered under a single entry fee of $75 a player, which includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday.  When signing up, please specify your teammates for both the Guild Ball ATC Tournament and the Guild Ball Double Tournament.
Registration for these events close on November 30th. We hope to see you there!

WTC This Weekend!

Safe travels to all who are attending the WTC 2017 in Belgium, and good luck to all competitors in the events!   The WTC Committee has published their schedule of streams for the weekend, so tune in to watch some great Warmachine play.

WiTC 2017

Hello everyone! We’ve finalized the details for WiTC 2017 and have included them on the pages here. Please visit the information pages for more details. Get a team of 3 together and come join us August 26th for a great time figuring out who is the best team in the Wisconsin/Midwest area!